Football guide and information

comprehensive football guide gives you a basic grounding in what football also known as soccer is all about. This site describes what football is and why people are passionate in playing and watching the game. It tells the history of the sport we all love. Basically, this is everything you need to know about this beautiful sport

Football basics

Football is the simplest of games to play. Just put a ball on the ground, swing your leg at it, and you are ready to go. If you want to be proficient at playing football, you have got to put the hours in learning and practicing the basic skills and then the fundamentals with a few additional basic techniques in playing football.

Football rules

Complete information about all rules in playing football or soccer. Read what are the main rules and regulations of the game imposed by the football governing body. All game regulations are explained thoroughly for beginners to comprehend and apply.

Football history

Read articles about how football or soccer was discovered and eventually played, where the game was discovered and who invented soccer or football as we know today. Learn about the history of the soccer ball and where it was made from. Read topics about all football history and the important persons behind the game.

Football competition

The first football match between two clubs was played in 1860, whereas the first football game contested by two countries was in 1872. Read every major awards in international level, here are a select few of the most significant results in international football competitions. Learn which countries won the most prestigious football events in history.

Football facts

Read our articles and guide about football. Everything you need to know about the beautiful game that we all love to watch and play. Learn basic tips on how to play soccer, know more about some of the famous formations that made clubs win championships. Read facts and information about your most favorite football heroes.


Welcome to our site, if you do not know much about football or soccer, this website gives you a comprehensive and basic understanding of what football or otherwise known as soccer is all about.

The aim of our site is to describe what is soccer and why people all around the world love playing the game and spend much time watching soccer match. We are trying to tell the history of the world’s most beautiful game. By reading our articles, this site will help you fully understand what is soccer and how the game affects our daily lives. Happy reading everyone!