What is a penalty shootout?

What is a penalty shootout and how does it work?
There will be a penalty shootout to determine a winner if the game ends with a tie score

A penalty shootout or kicks from the penalty mark as it is officially called can settle games requiring a winner that ends in a draw or a tie after extra time.

In a penalty shoot-out, each playing team alternately shooting a goal from the penalty mark with the goal safeguarded by the rival team’s goalkeeper.

Each team has five extra shots. Any player, including the goalkeeper, can take the kicks, giving he was on the field of play toward the end of the game. All teams cannot make substitutions after the last whistle.

Basically, a team that scores more goals from their five kicks wins. In the event that the scores are in deadlock even, the teams take sudden death kicks, each of the playing team getting one kick each. The teams keep on getting one kick each until one team makes a goal and the other one a mishap.

Teams do not generally need to take all the underlying five extra shots. For instance, if a playing team score their initial three kicks and their rival team miss their initial three, it is inconceivable for the rival team to win since they just have two kicks left. Thus, the team that makes most goals out of their five shot attempts will be officially considered the winner.